Longer rental?

Take a child seat, pet carrier
or a charging cable.
For free!

Take innogy go! with you for shorter and longer drives

For your journey with family and pets to be safe and full of energy, you can rent:

Charging cable to charge the car from the home socket

Baby seat or child seat for the little ones

Pet carrier, to travel with your pet safely

How to rent?

To rent a charging cable, baby seat, child seat or a pet carrier, contact our infoline +48 22 212 60 90 and arrange the pick up.

For the youngest and... some wagging tails

Baby seat

For children weighing 0-36 kg
Multistep adjustment of the headrest and backrest
Possible front and back mounting, thanks to rotary base
Five-point internal belts
Child's neck protection system
Rotary base eases getiin in and out of the car
Profiled, two-part reduction insert
"Breathing" fabric

Child seat

For a bit older children weighing 15-36 kg
Armrests with height regulation
Retractile cup holders

Pet carrier

Size (lenght x height x width): 55 x 36 x 35 cm
For pets weighing up to 10-12 kg
Holders for comfortable carrying
Possibility of attaching the seatbelts
Safe closing system
Ensures perfect air circulation
Has a compartment for accessiories

Baby seat, child seat or pet carrier can be rented by the Users, who have already driven at least 60 minutes with innogy go!
The rental is free of charge.

Longer rental? Take the charging cable, too!

Charge it wherever you are!

Planning a longer trip? Weekend out of town? Rent a charging cable from us and recharge the car by yourself! Using a regular, home socket.

How it works?

  • Charging form a home socket with 230 V power is absolutely safe.
  • It can take up to 10 hours, so it is better to do it over night.
  • Don't worry about the costs - for charging from the home socket you won't pay more than 10 zł per 100 km
  • You can rent from us different types of cables

Do you have questions? Contact our infoline +48 22 212 60 90

Ładuj go! za darmo

You won't lack electricity with us!

Fully charge the car using one of many public charging stations from innogy. Quickly, ecologically and 100% free of charge.

How to charge?

  • Find the charging station on the map in the application. You can also check there the number of free sockets and use the navigation.
  • Connect the car to the staion and click on the button Charge in the application.
  • End the rental or use a stop-over function if you want to use the car when the charging ends.

When the charing is done, open the car and put the plug back into the charging station. The plug is locked? To unlock it, press the car locking button, placed on the driver's door.

Download the app:

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