10 zł for you, 10 zł for your friend

Recommend your friend innogy go! – he will receive 10 zł for driving. After your friend’s first ride you also get 10 zł.

You refer and everybody wins!


How to invite friends to Innogy go!?

  1. Invite your friends

    Go to “Invite friends” and send your promo code to a friend by selecting “Share a code”. You can invite many friends who are not yet innogy go! users.

  2. Your friend’s registration

    Ask your friend to enter your promo code in “Do you have a promo code?” field in first tab of registration form.

  3. First rental

    Once your friend finishes his first rental with innogy go! a code for 10 zł will appear on on your account.

Your friend invited you to innogy go!? How to redeem code from invitation?

  1. Download the innogy go! app

  2. Register using promo code
    While registering enter code received from your friend in field “Do you have a promo code?”. After successful registration on your account code for 10 zł will appear on your account. Your code will be valid for 14 days.
  3. Have a safe drive!
    After your data is verified - rent a BMW i3 and hit the road! Once your first rental is completed, your friend will also receive 10 zł from innogy!


While using promo codes, you may be charged a minimum rental fee of 0,10 zł, if your rental value is less than the code’s value.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

Do you remember your first drive in a BMW i3 electric car? The engine was on but it was silent – that was impressive, wasn’t?

Add to that the smooth acceleration and driving in bus lanes with no consequences - this is what I call living it up ;)

And if you like driving our cars, why not recommend them to your friends?

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