We take care of the comfort of life of the inhabitants of Warsaw

innogy go! is the first fully electric, emission-free car sharing in the city.

  • You have an electric BMW when you need it

    500 comfortable BMW i3 are at your disposal - charged, insured and clean.

  • You drive on the bus lanes

    You don't get stuck in traffic jam, so that you reach your destination faster.

  • You pay only for the time you spend driving

    You do not pay any additional fees (km, public parking zone, or charging the car).

  • You are eco-friendly

    The BMW i3 is emission-free and supports the fight against smog in Warsaw.

How does it work?

It’s really easy. You’ll do everything on your phone.

  • Register

    Download the application and create an account.

  • Rent

    Find BMW i3 in your area and book it! You have 15 minutes to reach it.

  • go!

    Scan the QR code to open the door and enjoy the drive.

  • Park

    Park and finish your rental.


Now you know what innogy go! is.

Now see how we implemented innogy go! in Warsaw.


Save time and money

How? By choosing our electric BMW i3, which you can drive on the bus lanes.

With innogy go! you reach the destination faster and pay less. Why?

Because with us you pay only for the time you spend driving without fees for kilometres driven and parking.

PLN 1.19/minute

Details of the fees

We tested the BMW i3
on the most popular routes.

Check the test results


Changes to the innogy go! Regulations

We want our cars to be both comfortable and safe to drive. To this end, we are taking measures to reduce the number of dangerous behaviours while traveling with innogy go!


Do you have any questions?

With innogy go! you pay only for the time you use the car. All other fees are in the price - you do not pay for kilometers, parking in paid zones, charging, insurance and washing cars. The rate per minute for a BMW i3 is PLN 1.19 and for a BMW i3s is PLN 1.49. Remember that driving innogy go! you have all bus lanes available. Thanks to the fact that you do not stand in traffic jams, you not only save time, but also money. ☺

Automatic transmission – in such vehicles, you will only find a brake pedal and an acceleration pedal that are operated exclusively by your right leg (your left leg should be placed aside). Choose D to drive forwards, R for reverse drive, P for parking, and N for neutral (idle) position.

Ecology – BMW i3 electric cars do not emit CO2 while driving, so they do not contribute to smog in Warsaw. What's more, the BMW i3 is an environmentally friendly car from the very production process. It is made in 25% of recycled materials and energy from renewable sources was used for production. It is also recyclable up to 95 percent.

Charging – electric cars are charged with electrical energy at a charging station or from a regular socket. Charging time depends on the capacity of a battery of the car as well as power and type of the station.

Skorzystaj z głównego menu, wybierając kolejno opcje:

  1. Telefon  
  2. Urządzenia Bluetooth
  3. Dodaj nowe urządzenie

Postępuj zgodnie z instrukcją na wyświetlaczu, żeby sparować swój telefon z samochodem.

Nie, auta uruchamia się w taki sam sposób.

Tak, oczywiście. Wystarczy, że skontaktujesz się z infolinią i umówisz na odbiór kabla.

Wypożyczony kabel wystarczy podłączyć do zwykłego gniazdka. Średni czas ładowania, całkowicie rozładowanego auta to ok. 10 godzin.

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innogy go! is the first fully electric car sharing in Warsaw.

Every day thousands of Warsaw residents use cars - private cars, taxis and car sharing. innogy introduces a new service, renting cars per minutes, which is an ecological alternative to existing solutions.

Thanks to the completely electric fleet, including 500 BMW i3, innogy is reinventing car sharing service in Warsaw. The innogy go! App which allows users to rent a cars is available in the App Store and Google Play stores. By downloading it, the user can rent an electric BMW i3 for minutes. Customer pays only for the duration of the rental, so there is no need to worry about cost of traveled kilometers.

By renting an electric car you can gain certain benefits unavailable to other drivers in Warsaw, such as: using bus lines and free public parking. No other car sharing in Warsaw can give you the possibility of renting only electric cars, and thus - the possibility of driving bus lines. So don’t wait any longer, download the innogy go! application and take a chance to move around the city in comfortable BMW i3. Choose an ecological solution and help to improve the air quality in Warsaw.