Frequently Asked Questions

Electric cars

Automatic transmission – in such vehicles, you will only find a brake pedal and an acceleration pedal that are operated exclusively by your right leg (your left leg should be placed aside). Choose D to drive forwards, R for reverse drive, P for parking, and N for neutral (idle) position.

Ecology – BMW i3 electric cars do not emit CO2 while driving, so they do not contribute to smog in Warsaw. What's more, the BMW i3 is an environmentally friendly car from the very production process. It is made in 25% of recycled materials and energy from renewable sources was used for production. It is also recyclable up to 95 percent.

Charging – electric cars are charged with electrical energy at a charging station or from a regular socket. Charging time depends on the capacity of a battery of the car as well as power and type of the station.

Registration and activation

The sport versions of the BMW i3 are available to all users who have already driven the standard version of the BMW i3. All you need to do is rent the BMW i3 for a total driving time of 100 minutes or once use the daily packet. 

The database of Customers who have access to BMW i3s cars through the innogy go! application is updated once a week on Tuesdays. 

In order to use the innogy go! service take the following steps:

    • On your smartphone, install a mobile app, downloadable from the official App Store or Google Play stores.
    • Sign in using the mobile app and providing necessary personal data.
    • Take a photo of your driving license.
    • Click on the activation link sent to you to the e-mail address and enter the valid payment card in the application. Then make a transfer for PLN 1, which will be returned to your account after correct verification.

Immediately after the activation of your account – we will notify you of it in a separate email.

Make sure you entered a correct email address and password. If you still can’t log in, use the option “Forgot password?”. You may see the message also if you failed to click on the activation link in the email we sent you. Your activation link is valid for 24 hours.

If verification has not ended with a positive result, we will notify you of the reason behind it. Also, we will ask you to provide missing data. In most of the cases, verification is negative when a photo of your driving license is of poor quality, so please make sure it is sufficiently readable.

Using the car

To open and lock the car use the app on your smartphone. For this end, choose “SCAN QR CODE” or “END YOUR RENTAL”, respectively. You can also use the “STOP-OVER” function in order to stop the car during your rental period. In such a case, a stopover fee will be charged in accordance with the price list.

You will see all available cars on a map via your app. Touch icons of cars you wish to book with your finger. At the bottom of the screen you will find information on the car such as the battery charge level. Make sure whether a given battery range is sufficient to go to your planned destination. Then click on the “RESERVE” button. From that point on you have 15 minutes to approach the car and open it using the “SCAN QR CODE” command on your app.

Please note: when you reserve a car and do not use it or repeat it more than once, you will block the access to the car for other users. As a result your account can be blocked and you will no longer see the car on your app.

This is the range visible on your mobile app, where you can start and finalize your rental.

You have 3 minutes free of charge to prepare to driving. Before you get into the car, carefully check the appearance of the car. If you notice any damage, report it by calling the Helpline +48 22 212 60 90. Also, assess the cleanliness of the car outside and inside. Prepare for driving: start from the manual on the use of electric cars. The electric car is absolutely quiet, so you will not hear its engine. Remember to adjust your seat, mirrors, height of the steering wheel, fasten your seatbelts and switch on the lights. Travel safe to your destination!

To turn the car on, no key is needed. Just press the brake pedal with your right leg and then press the START/STOP button located on the right hand from the steering wheel. Release the handbrake located on the panel between the seat of the driver and that of the passenger. Once the READY light appears on the screen, the car is ready to drive. Since it is an electric car, you will not hear the car after starting it. You can find the manual on how to start a car inside the car.

Zamknij szyby, zaciągnij hamulec ręczny i wyłącz samochód wciskając przycisk START/STOP po prawej stronie kierownicy. Pamiętaj o zabraniu swoich rzeczy z samochodu. Po opuszczeniu auta wybierz w aplikacji opcję w prawym dolnym rogu „Zakończ wynajem”. Uwaga przycisk „Postój” zamyka samochód, a nie kończy najmu.

The area where you can leave your car is marked on the map on your app and on the website. It includes the zone of paid and free parking in Warsaw excluding some locations, as well as parking lots on private premises and places with limited access (such as barriers, underground car parks, parking lots at shopping malls, closed parking lots etc.). Remember to always park pursuant to road traffic rules.

The car must have been reserved by another user or is out of use due to technical reasons.

Yes, you can go outside of the boundaries of Warsaw. However, you need to pay attention to the range of kilometers you may drive at your current battery charge level in order to return to Warsaw. Also, bear in mind that you may finalize your rental only within the indicated area.

Yes, you can. Pursuant to the Act of 11 January 2018 on electromobility and alternative fuels, electric cars are allowed to use bus lanes.


With innogy go! you pay only for the time you use the car. All other fees are in the price - you do not pay for kilometers, parking in paid zones, charging, insurance and washing cars. The rate per minute for a BMW i3 is PLN 1.19 and for a BMW i3s is PLN 1.49. Remember that driving innogy go! you have all bus lanes available. Thanks to the fact that you do not stand in traffic jams, you not only save time, but also money. ☺

Yes, we have also prepared daily packages: a daily rental of a BMW i3 will cost you 239 PLN. If the value of your rent is equal to PLN 239 (200 minutes), we will stop charging you. Daily rental is a full 24 hours from the from the beginning of the rental. We do not charge any additional fees - even for kilometers.

Charges for using the car are collected following each rental via your payment card. Remember to have sufficient funds on your card and unblock mobile and online payment transactions. Additionally, your card should be valid for at least 40 day.

An invoice will be sent to you after each rental by email. At the point of registration you may define whether an invoice should be issued to a natural person or a company.


No, you do not. When you use our cars, you don’t need to worry about the charges for parking in paid parking zones, even while using the stop-over option.

If you parked the car in an unlawful manner, you will bear the consequences pursuant to the law.

At sites where there are any limitations of access to the car, such as time restrictions (parking lots closed for the night or places where one can park only at certain hours), financial ones (fees excluding paid parking zones) or physical ones (barriers, gates etc.) or at sites where no-parking signs result from road traffic regulations.

Please remember that you cannot finish your rental at sites where there is no mobile network coverage, e.g. underground parking lots.

If you want your car to wait for you, while you run your errands, choose the STOP OVER option. For STOP OVER option you will pay PLN 0.19/minute.

Battery charging

Cars whose battery level is low (less than 40 km of range) will not be visible in the app. If you plan a longer travel through or outside of the city make sure that the car you have selected has enough battery capacity to cover this range. Upon reservation, the app will show you the number of kilometers you can drive using a given car. If the BMW i3 range drops to 20 km - park at the nearest authorized parking place. We do not want the car you drive to be discharged.

Charging the battery is of no concern to you. The cars are charged by the staff of innogy go! at dedicated charging stations in Warsaw, at the premises of Innogy. Alternatively, you may plug the car to publicly accessible charging stations of innogy in Warsaw and surrounding areas. A list of such stations is presented on a map in your mobile innogy go! app.

Follow the manual at a charging point. When choosing daily rental, you may charge your car from an electric socket using a portable charger.

After the car has been charged, open it from the application by scanning the QR code and disconnect the cable from the car. Then put it back onto the charging point.

Yes, you can do it, but remember that the car needs to be opened first. After disconnecting the car from a charging point, you should place the charging cable in a proper place at the charging point. If you charge the vehicle using a 230 V socket, remember to put the charging cable in the car boot.

Tak, oczywiście. Wystarczy, że skontaktujesz się z infolinią i umówisz na odbiór kabla.

Wypożyczony kabel wystarczy podłączyć do zwykłego gniazdka. Średni czas ładowania, całkowicie rozładowanego auta to ok. 10 godzin.

Car specification

Press the brake pedal with your right foot and press START / STOP on the grip on the right hand side of the steering wheel. After turning on you will not hear the engine - the BMW i3 is an absolutely quiet car. ☺

Be aware! The BMW i3 is a very dynamic car - it accelerates quickly, so drive carefully.

Nie, auta uruchamia się w taki sam sposób.

Transmission is located on the right hand side from The driving wheel, next to the START/STOP button. In order to move the lever from P position, press the brake pedal.
D – drive forward
P – parking
N – neutral (idle)
R – reverse drive

Skorzystaj z głównego menu, wybierając kolejno opcje:

  1. Telefon  
  2. Urządzenia Bluetooth
  3. Dodaj nowe urządzenie

Postępuj zgodnie z instrukcją na wyświetlaczu, żeby sparować swój telefon z samochodem.

Make sure that the lights are in position A (auto) - the first from the left. The handbrake is located on the panel between the driver and the passenger.Keep in mind that the car recovers energy during braking, so it slows down as soon as you take your foot off the gas.We recommend you to use the car in eco mode, which will extend your car range. When you choose a longer journey, please remember that using air conditioning can reduce the range of the car.
The mirror folding button is located on the driver's door above the electric window lift.

Apart from standard equipment, you will also find chargers and phone holders on board.

You do not need either the key or any documents to use the innogy go! service.


For your own safety, carefully check the appearance of the car before the use. If you will notice any damage, please contact out helpline (phone No. +48 22 212 60 90).

In such a case, first make sure no one got injured and, if necessary, inform proper emergency services (emergency number 112). Then secure the accident area and immediately contact our 24-hour helpline under the following number +48 22 212 60 90. Follow the instructions provided to you.

Immediately contact our helpline (phone No. +48 22 212 60 90) and tell us what happened. You are obliged to report us any road event, even a small one. Your liability for damage is stipulated in the terms and conditions. The cars have breakdown cover and liability insurance.

This is forbidden. Only the person who singed in to the app and provided its personal data (including driving license) is entitled to drive the car. Should you allow another person to drive the car, you will be charged with a financial fine. In the case of a collision in such a situation, you will be held liable.

if you have violated traffic regulations, and a ticket is sent later by post, we will be forced to pass your data to relevant state bodies (police/city guard).

You can park our cars in a free or paid urban parking zones. If you leave your car in an underground private parking, garage or in a shopping mall, we will have to park it properly and charge you for such an operation according to the price list in the regulations.

Of course, as long as they are located in a dedicated carrier.

If possible, return as soon as possible to the car you rented and use 3 minutes free of charge to get your belongings and leave the car. If the car has been rented by another person in the meantime, report your loss to our helpline or write an email to us with the details which you will find in the Rental history on your app. Your belongings will be sent to you by courier at your expense.