Electrifying experience with innogy go!

Sit behind the wheel of the BMW i3 and get ready for a completely new driving experience.

    Acceleration: 0-100 km/h - 7.2 s
    100% electric
    CO2 emission in Warsaw: 0 g/km (while driving)
    4-seat car
    Range: 180 km
    95% recyclable

Clean air for Warsaw

innogy has chosen the BMW i3 because it is an environmentally friendly car.

From the production process, through the materials used, to the daily use of the electric drive.

As a 100% electric car it does not emit CO2 locally.

Additionally, in the innogy go! it will be charged only with renewable energy sources

Some facts about BMW i3

  • 25% material from recycling and renewable sources
  • 100% "Green" energy for production
  • 70% lower water consumption in the production process
  • 95% of the car is recyclable

Why is BMW i3 ideal to drive in Warsaw?

  • Equipment

    Automatic air conditioning
    Bluetooth and USB communication
    BMW ConnectedDrive
  • Safety

    Reversing sensor
    Rain sensor with automatic control
    Speed controller with braking function
    Maximum speed - 150 km/h
  • Technical parameters

    No gearbox, but it works like an automatic transmission
    Rear axle drive type
    Range - up to 180 km
    Charging is what we do. You just get on and go!

Now all you have to do is to try innogy go! out!

To drive - download the application. And before the drive, watch our video showing how simple it is!


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